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Modula is the industry leader for manufacturing the high quality automated storage and retrieval systems.  These systems are designed to optimize space and improve warehouse management.  The Modula product line will allow your company to recover up to 90% of available floor space while improving picking accuracy in addition to added product security and improved ergonomics for employees.  Materials stored inside carriers or trays of the system are delivered automatically to the operator, eliminating unnecessary reaching, walking or bending.  This goods-to-person concept allows the material to be retrieved and brought to the operator automatically.

 Advantages of Automated Storage


                           Modula's Vertical Lift Module allows you to recover up to 90% of current storage space, utilizing the vertical space of a facility to maximize cube utilization.  The Modula system provides maximum storage density to save as much space as possible.  The trays on the unit are adjustable on 0.98" increments in combination with available tray sidewall extensions.  In addition, utilizing partitions and dividers inside the tray creates maximum flexibility 



Material Handling & Storage, Inc. is an authorized Modula distributor.  With offices in Arizona and Northern California our team is geared to service your automated storage application throughout the United States.

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Modula Lift

            Modula Lift is the ideal storage solution for industrial products, spare parts and components in a variety of warehousing, automotive, medical and industrial environments 

MODULA LIFT:  Innovative Vertical Warehouse Storage System

MODULA LIFT: Innovative Vertical Warehouse Storage System

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Modula Slim​
       Quick to install.  Easy to use.  The Modula SLIM is built on a preassembled base module which is easy to ship and quick to install.