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Automate to gain back floorspace

Automating your storage has several benefits. It allows for an improvement of inventory management and security. VLMs also maximize what you can fit in a confined space. Our business partner, Systems Logistics has put together a great 7 minute video that displays the advantages of integrating a Vertical Lift Module into your application.

The VLM is a board controlled automated vertical lift module. Inventory within the VLM is stored on front and rear tray locations or rails. When a tray is requested, either by entering a tray number in the built in control pad or by requesting a part through software, an extractor travels vertically between the two columns of trays and pulls the requested tray from its location and brings it to an access point. The operator then picks or replenishes stock and the tray is returned to its home upon confirmation.

For more information on storage automation contact MHS

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