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Advantages of Modular Wall & Building Systems vs Traditional Construction

Applications requiring In-plant offices, clean rooms, machine enclosures and industrial walls can benefit from pre-fabricated modular construction.

Modular wall and building systems have the following benefits when compared to traditional construction:

  • Relocate and Reuse the building system: All components are capable of being reused. The #1 reason companies choose to purchase a modular system is the ability down the road to take down the modular building and relocate it. Should you need to relocate to another facility or you will never have to be concerned with loosing your original investment.

  • Superior sound reduction: Greater Sound Deadening than Conventional Rooms: These sound controlled modular offices are acoustically designed to outperform any typical conventional construction. Applications with a significant amount of noise are very well qualified for a modular solution .

  • Reduction in Labor Cost by Up To 50%: This may be a very conservative figure. Factoring in the installation speed of modular constructed products and the reduction in trades necessary to build, you could find this savings tremendous. It takes only one crew to assemble a modular office, and several trades like drywall crews, glazers, carpenters, painters, and electricians etc. to build conventionally. The larger the project, the more the savings.

  • No engineering requirements or architectural expenses

  • Most applications avoid needing a permit

  • In-plant Modulars qualify for a 7-year depreciation period while conventional construction is depreciated over 39 years.

Industrial modular wall (Hi-Wall System)

Modular Hi-Wall System

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